What we do


The overriding aim of the Foundation is to stimulate the African Spirit to claim the 21st Century. But more significantly and specifically, the Foundation will aim at helping to reshape Africa as the New Frontier in the Global Economic System.



African Development Dialogue (Telling the African Story)

  • Africa’s Business and Economic Prospects.
  • Africa’s International Relations.
  • Africa’s Youth—The challenges for the Next Generation.
  • Africa’s Education and Culture in a Changing World.
  • Africa’s Environmental Challenges
  • Africa’s Family and Children.


To create the platform for informed dialogue on issues that are critical to re-engineering Africa’s strategic position as the New Frontier in the Global Economy.

To organize Conferences and Seminars including on-line exchanges, in order to facilitate appropriate national /international development policies with a view to protecting the people’s interest.

To create a database covering young African Professionals in Africa and in the Diaspora with a view of having a secure human resource base required to unlock Africa’s growth potential.


Komla Dumor (Memorial) Lectures

  • To institute a Memorial Lecture to be delivered by eminent scholars, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, statesmen and women etc., in order to bring new perspectives on the African existential experience in the global system.
  • To disseminate the issues raised across the global media in order to inform Africa’s engagement in the global world.


Excellence in Broadcast Journalism

The Komla Dumor Centre for Broadcast Journalism is a collaboration between African University College of Communication (AUCC) and the Komla Dumor Foundation.


To create the path for excellence in broadcast journalism in Africa.

To equip young and aspiring African Broadcast Journalists with the critical skills to meet the challenges of the new digital economy. To present the African Story with depth, and to advance public understanding of significant issues of contemporary interest.


Africa’s Education And Training for Leadership

  • Educational Radio Network.
  • Children’s Educational Endowment Fund.


To address issues of equity and access to public education for children and young adults.

To create opportunities for holistic and humane environments for learning.

To reduce inequality between rural/poor urban schools and better endowed schools.

To prepare children to leave schools with the critical perspectives necessary to realize their full potentials.

To cater for the educational needs of children, especially those who are gifted and talented, yet needy, to pursue their educational and career goals.


Telling the African Success Story

  • Documenting and sharing the experiences of successful African Professionals in business, science, technology, academia, etc.
  • Telling it as It is — The World through the experiences of young people.


Youth Development Initiative (Leadership for the Next Generation)

  • Training in Leadership.
  • Career counseling planning and development.


To provide specialized training programs tailored for selected young men and women as a way to prepare and help them expand their capacity for leadership.

To organize conferences and seminars, focusing on processes of governance.

To offer counselling to the youth in career planning and development.


Cardiac Health of Young Professionals

  • Cardiac Health Training Seminars /Conferences for Young Professionals.
  • Medical Review –Cardiovascular Diseases and Hypertension.
  • Stress Management, Exercise and Lifestyle Changes


To bring a level of awareness to this insidious health problem among young professionals across all sectors.

To organize training seminars for young professionals on the management of cardiac health.

To provide medical review and screening for the young professionals.


Governance & Accountability in Public Life

  • Public Engagement on issues of accountability in Public Life.
  • Ethical Standards in governance and accountability in Public Life.
  • International Best Practice in promoting good behavior in public life.


To focus attention on issues relating to accountability in public life.

To advance the engagement of citizens and provide relevant information through the media and institutions established to promote good behavior in public life.

To undertake collaborative investigations into unethical conduct in public institutions.

To initiate reports on the situation of accountability and recommend changes in the infrastructure—key principles, codes of conduct etc., to enhance the culture of high standards in public life.