Volunteer Management Policy

In this policy, the term volunteering, as an activity, which is carried out by the non-permanent staff, is to help in achieving the mission of the Foundation. The Volunteer, therefore, is an individual or may comprise a group of individuals who offer services to the Foundation, based on their own free will, and without coercion. The service rendered is for no financial gain.

The policy allows the Foundation to accept various levels of responsibility and involvement that must, necessarily, meet the expectations of the Board and Management.

Within the context of the above, volunteering is a matter of choice. The services rendered are unpaid, and it is meant to help specific needs.

For ease of administration, the Foundation will put in place the following:

  • A Volunteer Management Desk will be created and a Volunteer Supervisor will oversee the process of volunteering;
  • Create a volunteer database covering skills and areas of interest;
  • The procedure for volunteering includes the completion of a registration form through the Foundation’s website or e-mail;
  • All volunteers will be given clear job descriptions and what is expected;
  • Volunteers may state what they may do or not do;
  • Volunteers may be given information on the broader aspects of the Foundation’s work and policies;
  • Volunteers may be given orientations depending on the responsibilities assigned to them; and
  • Long term volunteers may be included in the periodic reviews and strategy sessions conducted by the Foundation.

The Foundation recognizes the vast amount of skills, knowledge and support volunteers will bring to the work of the Foundation. Therefore, the Board, has the right to approach individuals with specific skills, to assist in the work of the Foundation. This is without prejudice to general volunteer management policy.

Information Security

No Foundation’s Information Communication Technology’s (ICT) equipment shall be operated outside the premises of the Foundation, unless it is authorized by the Administrator;

All volunteers who are privileged to have such equipment will be assigned passwords and, these, shall be treated as confidential;

No access shall be granted to unauthorized areas of the Foundation’s Computer Systems;

Volunteers are not permitted to install and use and software unto the Foundation’s computers without authorization; and

All information on the work of the Foundation and in the possession of a volunteer must be turned over to management at the end of the assignment.

Conflict of Interest

In the context of this policy, Conflict of Interest means that the volunteer has an interest, separate from that of the Foundation, and that influences, or could reasonably influence, his/her involvement an decisions, in relation to his assigned responsibility. Furthermore, if there should be an improper use of any of the Foundation’s resources and assets, or if the position of the volunteer is in breach.

The Foundation & Its Volunteers

The Foundation makes a solemn undertaking to treat all Volunteers with respect and gratitude for their contributions. They shall be provided with all the protection needed in the performance of their responsibilities.