Komla Dumor Pan-African Institute for Broadcast Journalism


The Komla Dumor Pan-African Institute for Broadcast Journalism is the flagship project of the Foundation. It has been established as a legacy Journalism education project in memory of Komla Dumor, the guiding spirit and the Icon of African Broadcast Journalism. To give full expression to this legacy, the Institute will focus attention on the cultivation and growth of the next generation of leaders in Africa/Global media.


The Institute is set to organize academic programs in broadcast journalism with emphasis on radio and television, policy research in multimedia, organizing symposia for students, scholars and working professionals. Fundamental to all these, is a commitment of the Institute to advance excellence in the practice of journalism and the advancement of ethical standards. 

The Institute will also;

Offer short courses to practicing journalists in the hope of filling the knowledge gap and thereby enhancing the practice of journalism in Ghana/Africa.

Offer a special Program for Training Investigative Journalists and also offer a postgraduate degree leading to MA degree in broadcast journalism.

 Organize Conferences, Seminars, and Lectures in order to serve as a platform for informed debate and the incubator of new ideas and practices.

 Serve as an Academic Research Facility in Mass Media.