Tribute from Komla’s Sister, Mawuena

For Komla from Mawuena – I am thankful to GOD for you.

My dearly beloved brother Komla,

It is well and I am thankful to GOD for you. It is my prayer that this letter finds you at peace resting in GOD’s glorious presence, joyful about life in a higher realm.

It has been such a struggle to put pen to paper attempting to write a tribute to you. Where would I even begin? Having been only a year and a few months older than you, I know you will recall the joys of the unique and special childhood we had by divine providence in being nurtured by two truly wonderful parents. I look back on our growing years in humble beginnings in the US as our parents made great sacrifices to give us the academic and social experiences that would shape who GOD has allowed us to become in adulthood. Later joined by Korshie, all three of us bound together in an everlasting bond through our collective experiences as siblings from our youth.

I remember with nostalgia happy playtime scenes as very young children on Cape Coast University campus, with you and I getting sick after eating too many bananas or being reprimanded for attempting to use our new baby brother, Korshie, to taste-test meals before we would agree to eat!

You often teased me about taking my big sister duties a bit too far since I had gained a reputation for being the “Mohammed Ali” to be avoided in our neighborhood should I discover anyone picking on my brothers! But Komla what could I have done? Mammy and Daddy said all we have is each other. Indeed, as we progressed through tertiary academic experiences, your resolve to reciprocate my commitment to you grew as did your physical size and stature. So during our time together at the University of Jos in Nigeria you were constantly “monitoring” me to ensure no “sketchy guys” were buzzing around me. I want you to know today, that even though I was annoyed about your “monitoring”, deep down I was thankful for that third objective eye, looking out for my very best interest.

Everybody who knows us knows how much we mutually loved, admired and respected each other. I took pride in every single one of your personal and professional achievements and cried tears of joy many times when I would see you excel time and time again. I am now unable to watch television, read the newspapers or listen to the radio for fear of breaking down as yet another tribute about you is read.

Don’t worry though. I am going to start working on that when I get out of stage one grief. But I remain so quietly proud of every single one of the achievements GOD blessed you with and I continue to see the evidence of your sacrifice in the unprecedented outpouring of love shown to us from literally every corner of the globe. I am thankful to GOD for you.

Right up until January 17th 2014, our daily habit of “checking in on each other” via text message this time, had been completed with an agreement to touch base again the next day. Little did I know, that GOD had HIS master plan and that that was not to be. As GOD blessed you, Korshie and me with Elinam, Elorm, Eyram, Seenam, Keli, Katherine and Emefa, we have shared in the joy, excitement and trepidation of now having to instill the same values we grew up with in our children and do even better. Sharing with each other their progress was typically the subject of most of our daily discussions and I remain thankful for the gifts of those times to laugh, pray, cry and encourage each other in our hopes and aspirations for the future. Be assured that Daddy, Korshie and I will do our utmost to support Kwansema to pursue your true legacy which is those three precious and beautiful children- Elinam, Elorm and Emefa.

You once said that every “David” needs a “Nathan” to walk this earth and that you were still seeking yours. I pray that you have finally encountered the ultimate “Nathan” who is Christ Jesus. You also said “Life is too short to be served up small portions!” It is my prayer that you are served up big portions at the table of GOD. I am really thankful to GOD for you. Now that you have taken the lead out of this physical world, continue to intercede with Mammy on our behalf.

Komla, Afeke Dumor, my true friend, my cheerleader, my confidant, my brother. I love you dearly. I will miss your physical presence for the rest of my life. I am thankful for the deep bond we had which I will continue to strengthen with Korshie. I will share with your children what a giant of a man you were on earth and support them to rejoice in the knowledge of your spirit being always around us all. I thank GOD for all HE designed you to become in 41 years. I thank GOD for everything. We shall always remain “closer than close”.

Love Always,

Your sister Mawuena.