Tribute from Komla’s Children – Elinam, Elorm & Araba

Dear Daddy,

You have been a wonderful father to us and we love and miss you.

We remember the times you told us stories at bedtime and when you used to make your delicious stir fries and meals for us especially on Sundays.

We remember when you would walk us to our piano lessons and sit and wait for us and walk us back home.

We also remember when we went with you to Elorm’s football matches and you stood there on the sidelines even in winter – encouraging him, and calling out to him to do his best. We loved rushing downstairs in the mornings to switch on the TV and see you presenting the news with your broad grin. We fondly remember the family trips when you told us jokes and funny stories in the car that made us laugh and laugh.

We loved it when you came back from your travels from different countries and showed us interesting pictures and told us about the things you saw. You promised you would take us to all the countries you had visited and share your experiences with us.

We will always remember our birthdays with you, when you and mummy would bring us breakfast in bed and pray with us and advise us.

You always had answers to our questions and we marveled at how you knew so much!

You always encouraged us to dream big, not to be “mediocre” and to strive to be excellent at whatever we chose to do. We will make you proud.

Daddy, rest in peace with God, and we hope to see you again in heaven one day.

Love always, Elinam, Elorm and Araba