Komla Dumor Endowment Fund



“Creating things of value, changing lives and impacting the community makes the community a better, more astonishing place to live”

Scott E. Steward


 The Komla Dumor Memorial Foundation, established to promote and sustain the legacy of Komla Dumor, has decided to initiate an Endowment Fund. This Fund is to provide long-term, sustaining financial base to enable the Foundation fulfill its mission. In a typical fashion like all internationally recognized endowment funds, this Endowment Fund is meant to be invested to grow the principal and to provide additional income for the fulfillment of its mandate.


Under the Foundation’s Guidelines, the Endowment Fund can only utilize 5% of the endowment total value. Thus, the principal amount donated to the Foundation shall be kept intact and judiciously invested in order to advance the mission of the Komla Dumor Memorial Foundation.

The Foundation is committed to a fundamental principle namely: that the revenue that accrues from investing the principal amount will be used largely to support charitable activities and any other approved by the Board of Trustees in concert with the Initiators of the Foundation.

Within the context of the Guidelines, Donors may choose the following in order to safeguard their specific interests.

  • The Komla Dumor Endowment Fund will receive donations from individuals, who for all intents and purposes, decide in advance what the donated funds are to be used for. In this case, the principal will be retained while the earnings are expended for the particular project(s) they may wish to support.
  • The Donor to this Endowment Fund may wish to specify the period of time the principal donated can be expended.
  • The Donor may specify whether the principal can be held permanently while the earnings from the invested asset are expended by the Komla Dumor Memorial Foundation.


The Komla Dumor Endowment Fund shall continue to sell its products and services including books, training services, programs on awareness creation to generate additional funds. The revenue generated shall be donated to the Endowment Fund.

The Komla Dumor Memorial Foundation will draw on the Corporate Social Responsibilities of Companies operating in Ghana as well as foreign investors operating in key economic sectors.It is the hope that Corporate Institutions will be willing to provide long-term commitments to projects of their choice.

The Komla Dumor Memorial Foundation will work in partnership with selected Corporate Institutions to develop check out charity campaigns where ordinary people will donate any amount in support of specific charities.(**Appointment of Marketing Adviser)

The Komla Dumor Memorial Foundation shall seek project grants from private and family Foundations. (For example: the Bill Gates Foundation, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, AlikoDangote Foundation etc.)

The Komla Dumor Memorial Foundation shall seek government support for programs initiated by the Foundation. Beyond cash donations, the Foundation is open to non-cash donations. This may include sponsorship of events, as well as donations including land and property.



In order to maintain good corporate governance, especially with reference to transparency, accountability and openness;

  • The Foundation shall set up Financial Accounting Standards and continuously provide yearly reports to the Board/the Initiators and Donors.
  • The Foundation shall appoint a Professional Investment and Financial Adviser. The Investment and Financial Adviser shall be under obligation to provide suitable financial and investment advice and shall always act in the best interest of the Foundation.
  • With regards to the management of the Endowment Fund, the Foundation shall adhere to established financial management policies and regulations issued and applied in Ghana.