Corporate Profile

The philosophy of the Foundation is summarized by the epigram attributed to the celebrated Roman Jurist CICERO namely; Salus populi est suprema lex esto meaning ‘the health /the good/the welfare of the people shall be the supreme law’ or put differently the peoples interest(the right to development) is subsumed under the concept of the national interest. This philosophy is the legacy of Komla Afeke Dumor.

Fundamental Principle
“Salus populi est suprema lex esto” (Cicero) Meaning: the health/welfare/good of the people shall be the supreme law.

Our Logo
Mahogany Tree; Tree symbolizes courage, tenacity, immense and enduring strength. Mahogany was used for the casket that bore the mortal body of Komla to his resting place.

Excellence and Humility.

To be the leading platform for Re-defining and re-shaping Africa as the New Frontier and as a major player in the world System.

Re-defining Africa for the next generation.

Core Values
Excellence, truth, service, commitment, perseverance, integrity and Humility.

The history of the Komla Dumor Memorial Foundation is rooted in the Dumor Family tradition of service to others. Komla Dumor grew up and internalized the core value that a life not lived in service to others is no life.

The meteoric and phenomenal rise into international prominence of Komla – the incomparable Ghanaian/African broadcast journalist, whose ideals and passion the Foundation seeks to promote and sustain, remain even more relevant than ever before.

Komla Dumor was a trailblazer in radio journalism in Ghana and a great inspiration for many young people including those who genuinely wanted to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. With a zeal and a passion for excellence he became a Radio and Television Broadcaster with exceptional quality – an inspirational journalist with a commitment to finding facts and reporting the truth. Komla Dumor leaves a legacy of broadcast journalism in Africa as an academic and intellectual enterprise.

The history of the Foundation goes even further on close examination of Komla Dumor, in both his work at Joy FM in Ghana and the BBC in the United Kingdom. In his professional work, Komla was guided by the fact that even though no one individual can change the world nor change the views about Ghana/Africa, one, however, should be ready to cast stones “across the waters and create ripples.” This is the story that the Foundation seeks to keep alive.

After a sterling performance as a broadcast journalist, he led the way in transforming radio journalism, by focusing on issues of governance, accountability in public life, and issues of development, as these relate to the poor, the disadvantaged, and the youth. This is the story of the Foundation grounded in Komla Dumor’s passion for broadcast journalism as a calling to be the spokesperson for disadvantaged peoples and those the world wishes to write out of history.

Komla joined the BBC in 2006, distinguishing himself as a communicator with incredible erudition and rising from the Network Africa program to the flagship radio program – The World Today.

Komla Dumor, in 2009, became the Face of Africa, when he launched the Africa Business Report on BBC Television. Soon, thereafter, Komla became the anchor of the new television program FOCUS ON AFRICA. Komla, again, set the tone and the direction of the history of the Foundation.

Focus on Africa became the platform for Komla to pursue his insatiable quest for redefining Africa as the new frontier in the world system. To him, Africa can claim the 21st Century, and become a global economic player. The issues he covered and questions he posed, with incredible courage and consistency, were informed by what great leaders of Africa, including Nkrumah, Kenyatta, Nyerere, Mandela and Steve Biko, among others, stood for. The critical elements of the African Personality, African Humanism and the African Renaissance, were relevant for an Africa re-defining and identifying itself in the contemporary global context.

Komla, on his program, Focus on Africa, came to symbolize the new Africa, the new re-birth, the stimulant and nuturant for Africa to dream again, to claim the right to dream again and to dream Africa’s own dreams. To him the time was now to restore a wounded continent.

These are the issues Komla Raised in his journey across Africa, visiting over 40 countries and experiencing the African Spirit is at the moral core of the Foundation’s history.

The Foundation’s moral compass is to keep ablaze, the hope that Komla enkindled, of re-defining and renegotiating Africa for the next generation.