Code of Ethics

As a fundamental requirement for the operation of the foundation every effort shall be made to maintain the trust of all stakeholders including donors, well wishers, staff/volunteers. The foundation believes that maintaining the trust shall enable the Board staff and Volunteers that it can carry out its mission and be good stewards of the resources available. The Foundation shall therefore uphold rigorous adherence to transparent standards of conduct.

This code of ethics is meant to provide sufficient grounds for the commitment of the foundation to lawful and ethical conduct and behavior by everyone associated with the work of the foundation:

  • The foundation shall act in conformity with all the laws and regulation of Ghana and shall respect the fundamental rights of all persons
  • The members of the Board of Trustees, Staff/Volunteers shall maintain high integrity and dignity in managing the work and responsibility entrusted to them;
  • The foundation shall act in a transparent manner with enough openness and be responsive to any public concerns;
  • The foundation shall act in good faith and deliver on its mission and commitments;
  • The foundation shall pursue vigorously its aims and objectives and initiate policies and program to meet these objectives;
  • The foundation shall maintain financial books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and report its financial position accurately and completely for all stakeholders;
  • The foundation shall maintain confidentiality regarding personal files and records on its clients. Disclosure of information shall be made in accordance with the requirement of law and subjects to the consent of the individual involved;
  • The foundation shall hold strategic meetings in order to review progress, assess its strength and weakness and strenuously strive for organization change and growth;
  • The foundation shall maintain close contacts with similar institutions elsewhere in order to improve its processes and procedures with a view to improving on the delivery of services but to its clients;
  • The Foundation shall ensure that no person is discriminated against in the formulation of policies and the execution of such policies taking into account the provision in the 1992 constitution of Ghana;
  • The Foundation shall apply the full rigors of the law for gross misconduct by its Staff/Volunteers;
  • The Foundation and expects its Staff Volunteers report any policies or practices that they consider inappropriate; and
  • The Foundation shall protect and ensure the proper use of its assets.


Business Conduct

  • The Foundation shall endeavor to act in conformity with the existing procurement law and take into consideration any other laws that will permit the full implementation of its policies and program;
  • The Foundation shall conduct its business in an atmosphere of good faith and avoid any non-transparent business transactions;
  • The Foundation shall endeavor to respect and receive prior approval of the ideas and design by similar institution before using then for the purpose of the foundation;
  • All legitimate businesses with a foundation will be given prompt attention;
  • The Foundation shall appoint an Arbritator in consultation with the Attorney General’s Department in order to actual its business partners for fair treatment;
  • The Foundation shall endeavor in its procurement of goods and services to be mindful of quality and value for money;
  • The annual budget of the foundation shall be spent on its project and programs only. Any other project and programs which may be related to the core business must receive the approval of the Board of Trustees;
  • The Foundation shall maintain a high level of integrity taking into account the issues of conflicts of interest; and
  • Any gift or item of monetary value for engagement in private business or professional activities that are in conflict with the interest of the foundation shall be avoided.